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Netsoc is called the Internet Society for a reason! Now that you have an account, you can display yourself to the world. Your webspace is on Cube and is located at /srv/webspace/your_username. Any world-readable files placed there will be visible at http://yourusername.netsoc.ie. You'll have to run a program called setup_webspace on Cube before you can do anything. Just open a terminal and type

you@cube:~$ setup_webspace

Or double-click on the "Set Up Webspace" launcher on your Cube desktop. At this point you will be asked to read and accept our acceptable usage policy (this is where you agree not to host illegal things, basically). After this, /srv/webspace/your_username will contain a very simple website displaying simply the word "Hello!". Netsoc run a workshop on how to build a snazzy website very soon after accounts are given out, so stay tuned to the Netsoc mail if you're interested.


netsoc runs a mysql database on userweb, to which each user gets access. To get your mysql account details, run

you@cube:~$ mysql_details

Web Frameworks

Web frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, or Django, are fine. They require a bit of manual intervention however, so if you'd like to run one of these, please contact ops@netsoc.tcd.ie


Be careful with permissions! If you don't know what they are, see permissions. Be especially careful to make your wordpress config non world readable (this is a common mistake). You can do this by running:

you@cube:wordpress$ chmod 600 wp_config.php