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This document details Netsoc's policy on reprimanding members who have intentionally violated the netsoc WAUP.

First Violation

The first violation that comes to the attention of the Netsoc committee will cause your website to be immediately disabled. This is to ensure that we are found to act with urgency and responsiveness in any situation. Your website will be re-enabled when you have removed the offending item(s). You will also be issued with a 'verbal' warning via email.

In situations where there may be the possibility that you are in violation, we may advise you to remove the material in question, but will not take any action. If you choose to ignore this advice and we are contacted or otherwise become aware that this material is in breach of the WAUP, then this can be treated as a second offense.

Second Violation

The second violation of the WAUP will cause your webspace to be disabled for at least 4 weeks. We reserve the right to disable your website for any additional length of time, which is at the discretion of the entire Netsoc committee. You have been warned before, so there really is no excuse.

Third Violation

The third violation of the WAUP will cause your entire netsoc account (including website, databases, userspace and all other netsoc services) to be disabled without warning. You will be given some time to retrieve any important files. You will not be allowed to renew your netsoc account for the remainder of your time in college.

We also reserve the option to report this individual to the junior dean, which may lead to expulsion from college.