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Netsoc provides free website hosting for any recognised society in TCD. To avail of this, please contact from your CSC email and we'll create you a free user for society use.

Note that this user is not for your personal use - you'll still need to sign up yourself if you want an account. Also note that we don't currently support HTTPS for user sites, so sites can't have any sort of login or purchase systems hosted on them. Society sites and users still have to abide by the WAUP and AUP - in particular note that you can't make money off the webspace.


Follow any setup steps listed on the Webspace page to set up your webspace and get it ready for use. You can view it at

You'll now need to set up your domain name's DNS A (and optionally AAAA) records to point to userweb. Once they're done propagating (this can take a few hours or up to a day) you should see a simple page with the Netsoc logo and "Cube" along with some other things on it - that means you've set it up right!

Once you've done all that, just contact and we'll take it from there and let you know once your site is up and running with your own domain name.