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A unix shell is the command line interface that you see when you SSH to eany netsoc server. This is the way which you will interact with the servers and offer you many different possibilities for use. It is also where you run programs and access your files.

We have several shells for you to use, these include:

The default: bash

Something for the old timers: tcsh

Something for the hipsters: zsh

Changing Shells

To change your shell you simply need to run the chsh command in your terminal window.

To change to tsch, enter /bin/tcsh and hit ENTER. To change to zsh run chsh and enter /bin/zsh, or if you want to go back to tcsh enter /bin/tcsh instead.


Changing shells should be done carefully. You should make the decision to change based on the features of the shell and what you are going to use it for, incorrectly changing a shell can cause many problems for the user. Don't say we didn't warn you!