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When using Netsoc's services there is a certain "etiquette" that is worth being aware of. These are guidelines that keep tempers lower, avoid flame wars and generally make sure everyone gets along. There are no hard and fast rules of this "etiquette" but here are some of the main points.

cube and spoon are NOT chat rooms

Yes, the hey command does allow you to talk to other users, but that doesn't mean that everyone who is logged on is there to chat. Spoon can be used for many different things including college coursework. There's nothing wrong with heying a user you don't know already to see if they're in the mood to talk (it's good to make friends!) but don't be pushy or persistant if they do not respond as you'd hope.

If you do want a chat room, take a look into IRC.

Use the write command carefully

The write command is a more basic form of hey. It has none of the formatting that hey does, which means that messages can come up on the recipients screen like "ghost" messages. This can be very annoying, especially if the recipient doesn't know how to block them. 99% of the time there is no good reason to use write.

Don't hog Disk Space

Our servers are a resource that are shared between many users. If one user starts to use more than their fair share of the resources, the other users will suffer. And possibly be angry. This means don't do things like fill up /tmp. Yes, it is a temporary folder and you can put your files in it, but /tmp is used by programs such as mutt so if you fill it with lots of disk image files that are 700MB each, certain programs won't work anymore.

Don't Hog CPU resources

Basically, be sensible when you run programs that take a lot of CPU time. Examples of this are poorly written programs that fork infinitely or graphically intense programs such as web browsers on cube. Running top or htop will show you the current processes using most of the CPU time. If you own any processes going above 20%, you're probably affecting other users' response times.

Stricter Rules

While on the topic, it might be good to mention the AUP & WAUP that you agreed to upon joining. These essentially state that you agree not to do anything illegal using our servers. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • Storing copyrighted material such as mp3 files, video files and books in your userspace or webspace
  • Using the servers for spam or any other form of abuse, either to Netsoc members or anyone else
  • Putting defamatory content on your webspace
  • Circumventing the rules and restrictions put in place by Netsoc

We urge you to read the AUP and WAUP carefully.