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SSH lets you exchange information securely between computers on a network, and it's the way you will most likely interact with Netsoc's servers (cube, spoon, and friends). You can connect to the servers from within college and from outside. The way you actually use SSH will depend on the type of computer you're using.

Connecting from Linux, Mac OS X

Most unix-like operating systems should have all you need to connect already installed. Open a terminal window, and at the prompt type


Ssh from osx.png

Type yes to any warnings which might occur, then enter your netsoc password when prompted.

Connecting from Windows

To connect to Netsoc from a Windows computer, we recommend PuTTY, a free SSH client. Netsoc has its very own version of PuTTY, which can be found at


Click open to begin connecting. Make sure that is the hostname provided in the Hostname field. is an address which will always point to our main login server (at the moment cube). It will pop up a warning like this.


After answering yes to any warnings, you will then be presented with a window asking for a password. Enter your netsoc password, and hit enter.


Connecting anywhere else

From January (of lol dunno what year) , we been running AnyTerm off Spoon, allowing you to SSH to netsoc wherever there's a web browser, even if you don't have access to another SSH client like PuTTY. Just point your browser at


Cube has automated systems in place to detect nasty people using programs to crack passwords and log into it. If it detects such an attack, it ignore connections from their computer for half an hour. If you enter your password incorrectly 18 times in a row within a short period of time, you may find yourself caught by the system, and unable to access cube.