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The Netsoc room is open to all members. We have several computers from which you can log on, check your mail and use some bizzare operating systems. You can also use our DVD/CD burner to create your own data DVDs, and take out books from our library. You can connect your laptop to our room network as well. Come and meet your council members, get a free cup of coffee, check your email, pick a techie's brains, browse our library, use our CD/DVD burners, connect to the college wireless from our ridiculously comfortable couch, or simply marvel at the start-up sound of our SGI.

There is usually a council member inside during college hours. Just knock to see if anyone's home.

The room is G36, in Goldsmith Hall. Turn left at the main door, it's at the end of the corridor.

Netsoc Room some time in the 90s:

We are famous for our door (were, apparently)

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