Remote desktop on Cube

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You can connect in graphical mode and get a remote desktop on Cube, Netsoc's newest and most beastly server, both inside and outside College. To do so, you'll need an NX client. NoMachine, who develop the NX technology, distribute a client for all major platforms.

You need the old client, from here: [They don't let you download it any more :( ]

Actually get it from here:

When you run the program, it will start a wizard which asks you to set various things, such as your connection speed. This is all fairly straightforward. The only Netsoc specific details you need are the address of our server ( and the type of desktop session (Unix/Gnome). The wizard makes it clear where to enter these details. Once the wizard is done, a connection prompt will appear. Just enter your Netsoc username and password, and presto! Your desktop on Cube appears. From here you can connect to IRC from the terminal, modify your webspace, or just read webcomics all day. Remember that you can always SSH to Cube in the normal fashion too.

You can also use a FOSS client, like qtnx, if your distro packages it.