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You can connect in graphical mode and get a remote desktop on Cube, Netsoc's newest and most beastly server, both inside and outside College. Remote desktop sessions are persistent, and can be suspended and resumed later. We use X2go to provide this service, with MATE as the Desktop environment.

How to connect

To connect to Cube in graphical mode, you'll need to download and install an X2go client. These are available from the x2go website.

Within the client, click the New Session button, and fill in the details for cube:X2go.png

Select MATE as the desktop environment.

Once you've defined a session, it will appear in the right-hand-side column of the client window:


Select it, enter your Netsoc password, and click Ok:


In a few moments your desktop will pop up, and you're free to use cube as you wish.

Suspending and resuming

To suspend your session, simply click Suspend X2go session on the System menu:


Alternative desktop environments

We tested KDE4 and GNOME3 as well as MATE, but both of these seem to be extremely buggy (to the point of being unusable) over the x2go server. It seems the integrated graphics on cube are too crap to be able to handle the psychedelic animations in Compiz and Plasma. You're free to give them a try, but your mileage may vary. It is also possible to run other desktop environments (Awesome, xfce, what have you) via the custom desktop option. If there's a window manager you'd like to use but which isn't installed on cube, let us know on IRC or at; we'd be happy to install it.

Resizing on Mac OS X

The x2go client for Mac OS X has a bug whereby resizing the client window doesn't change the display size on the server: if you start a session with (say) a 1024×768 display, it will remain this size even if you resize the client window later on. You can remedy this by manually changing the server-side display resolution, using xrandr on the command line (e.g. in a MATE terminal window):

 $ xrandr -s 1280x1024