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  • Quack* is a somewhat old IBM eServer 326m, acquired in 2010. It runs Debian

GNU/Linux 7 ('Wheezy'). For much of 2011, it made a lot of noise and heat in the Netsoc room while people played with it. At the same time, somewhat essential services were running on Steve, which is crap, and a RAM-guzzling installation of Minecraft running on Prime (and jury-rigged to Spoon via an SSH tunnel) was making it quite sluggish. It was decided to move Quack out of the Netsoc room, and move all the non-essential services running in the room to it.

Because Quack is a bit crap, and because there is so little space to go around, users can't log into Quack by default. Shell access to Quack can be given out on request by granting the @quack@ privilege in LDAP.


  • IBM eServer 326m
  • Dual 2.4GHz AMD Opteron 250s
  • 2x80GB SATA disks in RAID1
  • Dual gigabit ethernet


  • Minecraft server
  • Munin stats
  • Caching DNS server
  • Backup login for admins


For whatever reason (we're a bit odd) Quack was originally named 'Spacker'. When it was pointed out what this word means in UK English, it was decided to move to a slightly more politically-correct name, and Quack seemed to stick.