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PuTTY is the software you use to connect to Netsoc computers from a Windows machine. We have our own version of putty that has all the options set up which you can get from http://www.netsoc.tcd.ie/putty.exe

Basic instructions

Download http://www.netsoc.tcd.ie/putty.exe

Run putty.exe. The following dialogue box should appear:


All you have to do is click on Open and you will begin to connect. If this doesn't work, enter 'login.netsoc.tcd.ie' in the 'host' field and try again.

In a short while, a black box will open asking for your username.

After you enter your username, it will ask for your password. Type this in too but be aware that it doesn't show what you type (to defeat shoulder-surfing snoopers), so you'll have to type it in blindly. Then, hit enter and, if you've typed in your password correctly, you'll see the message of the day, and be successfully logged on.


If you can't use netsoc putty for whatever reason, but have the normal version of putty, or another ssh client on your computer, all you have to do is fill in the 'host' field as 'login.netsoc.tcd.ie' and follow the instructions above.