Procedures for accounts on netsoc machines

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Old accounts

Existing members will have to renew their accounts as in previous years by rejoining the society. All existing websites will be suspended on the last day of freshers week, and members wishing for their website to remain available will have to rejoin the society and agree to the WAUP.

New accounts


To obtain a working shell account on netsoc machines, members must:

Agree to comply with the AUP by manually typing 'yes' when first loging onto a netsoc server using a shell account. Until they type yes to the question 'Have you read, and do you agree to comply with the terms of the AUP (which will be logged), their account will not be enabled. At this point, members do NOT have access to create a publicly viewable website.


In order to have the webspace directory enabled on a netsoc account members must already have an account on the server. Then they must request to have the webspace directory enabled. To do this there will be a request website script, which will prompt the user (as above) to agree to a second AUP — the WAUP. Upon agreeing with the terms & conditions outlined in the document, the webspace directory will be activated. (All material in the webspace directory of enabled website accounts will be viewable both inside & outside of the college).


See: AUP violations policy and WAUP violations policy