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NickServ is used to register nicknames in IRC (irssi) or Chat. If you want to register your nick and keep control over who uses it you should register with it.


To register your nickname with NickServ you must use the following command in the irssi window:

  • /msg NickServ REGISTER <yourpassword>

When logging in to chat after registering, use the following command to be recognised by ChanServ:

  • /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <yourpassword>

There are a number of other commands that you can use with NickServ.

These are the general help commands that you will need to know, the former will list all of the other commands available to you and the latter will give you a more detailed help on a specific command.

  • /msg NickServ help
  • /msg NickServ help <NameOfCommand>

These two commands will provide you with access to all of the important features of NickServ and are pretty simple.

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