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DUCSS's Powerhouse

Nexus was a gift to the Dublin University Computer Science Society from the devop god, in recognition to the members dedication to spaz. Legend has it that the server was thrown out by the gods from the datacentre of eden after strange RAID problems, to be substituted by a slightly more powerful Gameboy Color(tm). Crafted from a block of solid failure, DUCSS' server has been their society core for many years. Surviving several disasters through the years such as "GLIBC Fail of 2010" , the "Memory Management Testing Failure of 2011" and also managed to withstand the "IS Services Power lol of 2012" the solid architecture has held together nicely despite all odds, managing uptime equal (if not more) to that of TCD Netsoc.

Running Debian Squeeze, maintained currently by k3ypad, the server provides services such as web hosting for other college societies, icecast, IRC connected to the intersocs network through TCD Netsoc and several other development environments for users.

Nexus was the first known server to successfully run the revolutionary NFS (Nexus File System) for the even more revolutionary cloud-based encryption "b3ntext"

Nexus is due to be retired soon with the donation of several new servers.