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Netsoc was founded in 1996, by Tom Holmes. In an email from David Malone via Stefan Weber, he said:

“I can actually date that pretty accurately, as I gave a talk to the netsoc when it was a provisional society, and had not yet been approved by the CSC. That date was January 24, 1996 and it was formally hosted by the Mathsoc.”

“It was set up by Tom Holmes with the help of some other students (in my memory, including, but not limited to Cliodhna McGurk, Ian Dowse and Gary Cody). It was driven by the idea that ordinary people, not just computer peole, could make use of the Internet and the Web in particular, which is why it was 1996 before it really got going.”

Full Recognition

Netsoc was fully recognised in 1997, according to 2016-17 CSC Secretary Patrick O'Boyle after checking the CSC records.