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Template:Tutorial Some people smoke, some play nethack.

Nethack is a text based hack'n'slash RPG style game based on the legendary Rogue. The game is installed on Spoon and can be run by typing nethack in a console. It's also installed on Cube, and the version there even has a graphical version you can access over Remote Desktop.


The storyline of nethack consists of the hero's quest for the Amulet of Yendor. To find said amulet, one must fight through around 50 randomly generated levels. Once found you must sacrifice the amulet to your god (see below).


When starting, one chooses a class, race and alignment. Your class decides what equipment you start with, your skills and your pet (some classes start without a pet). Your alignment chooses your god, appeasing your god will help you later in the game when he can assist you in times of need. You play the part of an '@' in the dungeon, in case you're wondering what's going on.

What buttons to press

To move around the dungeon, use the keys:

y k u
b j n

< for up
> for down

We call these keys vi keys for some reason. You attack an enemy in hand-to-hand combat by attempting to step unto their space.

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