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Info for new folk

This server is dead soz

Our minecraft Server is whitelisted. If you want to be added to our whitelist, send an email to minecraft@netsoc.tcd.ie with your username to be whitelisted. You need to be a member of Netsoc to be whitelisted.
If you need a client that works in college (you probably won't be able to authenticate to the Minecraft servers from TCDwifi), get minecraftSP to allow you to use your own username.

When you've been added to the whitelist, the server is just minecraft.netsoc.tcd.ie, or (short link) mc.netsoc.ie
There are a number of worlds accessible via portals in game.
When you log in it will ask you to set a password, this is so as to enforce whitelisting when using minecraftSP. You can do this with /register password. When re-entering the server, just enter your password into chat (don't worry -- it won't show up to others).
Do not use your normal password, as the server is not wildly secure.