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MediaWiki is the platform used to serve the Netsoc wiki, as well as Wikipedia and many other self-hosted wikis.

It currently runs on www-snark, served via lightppd's PHP CGI. Sysadmins can find the source, configuration and extensions for it in /srv/subomains/mediawiki.


There are a variety of extensions used on the Netsoc wiki. These can be found in the extensionsfolder.


VisualEditor provides a visual alternative for editing pages on the wiki. It requires parsoid, which is currently installed via a custom package repository listed in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parsioid.list(it requires a GPG key which can be managed via apt-key).


EmbedVideo allows for embedding various video formats via either the standard HTML5 <video>tags, or using {{#ev:service|id}}syntax to embed straight from a hosting service like YouTube.