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Matrix was Netsoc's largest, heaviest, oldest, purplest and most famous server. It is a massive Sun E450 (from the days when Sun was Sun), and used to live beside spoon in the Maths department. It's currently taking up most of the space in the Netsoc room, as we haven't found the heart to dispose of it. -- actually we have now ;_;


Matrix was the main services server, hosting such things such as websites, databases and the Netsoc Intersocs IRC node. Since the arrival of spoon in 2005, it also functioned as a backup login server.


Matrix got old, and took up a lot of space and power in the Maths department. On the 28th of June 2011, a brownout in TCD killed it, and destroyed /home. Several attempts were made to repair the RAID, using Sun's Solstice DiskSuite.

On the 22nd of November 2011, a final attempt was made to repair /home. There were no more spare, healthy disks to work with, so /var was destroyed and its disks recycled. Sadly, more than the fault tolerance of the RAID was exceeded, so /home was lost. Matrix was retired, with its services being moved to cube and spoon. A contingent of brave souls dismantled it and carried it to the Netsoc room, where it will stay until we figure out what to do with it. Currently only Stephen can turn it on, because he possesses the little key that operates the power switch.

Backups of everything that was left on matrix that we could recover (including old user database dumps) are archived in /srv/public/matrix-backups on cube. This archive is mirrored on spoon too, in /home/matrix-backups.


Matrix's IP address was It had 2 network cards. The primary card was hme0, which we used to connect to TCD. The second card (a Quad-Fast-Ethernet) had four ports, qfe0, qfe1, qfe2 and qfe3, none of which were ever used. Were it to be booted in the netsoc room (please no), Colm would probably allocate it its old address, for posterity.


  • Processor: 2 × 400Mhz UltraSPARC-II processors, 100MHz system clock.
  • Memory: 4 × 256MiB DIMMs.
  • Graphics: Onboard 256 color graphics card, but apart from the little purple Sun logo on boot, only black and white has ever been witnessed.
  • Power: 3 power supplies (1 redundant)
  • Size: 16U


Originally, Matrix had 20 9.1 GiB SCSI hard disks. Three of these are died. Geometry is 4292 cylinders (2 alternate), 27 heads and 133 sectors per track. There is was on-board SCSI controller, and two PCI controllers.

slash,d1 RAID1,starting block 0
var,d2 RAID1,starting block 0
home,d3 RAID5,interlace 32 blocks,starting block 3921

c0t0d0 - s1=slash
c0t1d0 - s1=var
c0t2d0 - s0=home
c0t3d0 - s0=home
c1t6d0 - cdrom/floppy ?????
c2t0d0 - doesn't seem to exist(dead?)
c2t1d0 - s1=var
c2t2d0 - s0=home
c2t3d0 - s0=home
c3t0d0 - s1=slash
c3t1d0 - s0=home
c3t2d0 - dead(27/02/2005)
c3t3d0 - s0=home
c4t0d0 - s1=d13, slash backup
c4t1d0 - disk dodgy, use only in emergancy
c4t2d0 - s0=home
c4t3d0 - s0=home
c5t0d0 - s1=swap
c5t2d0 - s0=home
c5t3d0 - s0=home

Slices for slash and var disks:
*                          First     Sector    Last
* Partition  Tag  Flags    Sector     Count    Sector  Mount Directory
       0      9    00          0     25137     25136
       1      7    00      25137  17631810  17656946
       2      5    00          0  17682084  17682083
       3      9    00   17656947     25137  17682083
Slices for home disks:
*                          First     Sector    Last
* Partition  Tag  Flags    Sector     Count    Sector  Mount Directory
       0      8    00          0  17682084  17682083
       2      5    00


Operating system

Matrix ran Sun Solaris 8 (Sun OS 5.8) (the pain of it all).


Apache: Web server Hybrid: IRC server HybServ: Hybrid services MySQL: Database server Postfix: Secondary Netsoc MX, lists, help RT: Issue tracker SSH: Secondary login server

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