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"The last Windows Admin"

A non-native Wexican, one of the only Windows admins to become a DUCSS System Administrator, k3ypad was quick to make a name for himself by irritating s4dd with incredibly vague, poorly worded, grammatically incorrect technical questions... that sometimes made him cry.

A veteran of the war against pollution, he spent the summer at the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)'s HQ in Wexico. Gaining valuable "cool stories" and some great "lulz" in a Micro$oft Environment.

Originally trained and versed in the dark arts of "Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server", he quickly realised its potential harnassing it for several pointless things, like annoying stesh about offering Micrsoft Paint over HTML5 through several non-opensource software applications.

As of recent years he became familiar with GNU/Linux and the teachings of RMS. The only liberally minded facist in intersocs, he is a fanatic GPL supporter despite liking the Windows Server Software and Operating System Series (apart from Virtual PC 2005... man that was a pile of ****...) while hating all Apple Products (apart from the iPod Touch 2nd Gen) sometimes irrationaly, which he thinks is OK cos BSD is terrible and is all about the $$$.

k3ypad is credited with the only successful implementation of b3ntext and as the architect of Fort Sperge and the Sperge Rail system. In his spare time he likes reading Cisco manuals, and insulting software developers.