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Netsoc runs the irc services for the Intersocs IRC Network. Historically, we used hybserv, but on June 16th 2013, we switched to anope.

wheybags created a patched version of anope, that could use the old unixcrypt password hashes from hybserv, and some scripts for converting the DB, which can be found here. When a user changes their password, it will be encrypted with SHA1.

Services are currently running on snark-irc-services. anope runs as the user anope, whose password and shell are invalid. The anope binaries and config files are located in /home/anope/services, which is symlinked to /etc/anope for convenience. A custom debian init script was written, and is located at /etc/init.d/anope.

In order to facilitate the conversion from hybserv, anope uses mysql, which is also running on snark-irc-services.

Netsoc irc opers are defined in the anope config file (/etc/anope/services.conf), and admins from other intersocs members are added by using the ADMIN ADD operserv command.

The old /etc/hybserv is located in /home/services/hybserv, in case it is ever needed. The current anope patch is based on the current stable branch of anope (1.8). In the future, 1.9 will become stable, and we will have to switch to that. There are major architectural changes in 1.9 (switched from C to C++), so the patches will have to be adapted for it. If this happens after wheybags has left, you can contact him on, and unless I become an asshole in the future, I'll be happy to help :P