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The *Intersocs IRC Network* is an IRC network run by the Netsocs of several third-level institutions around Ireland.

It currently connects Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University (DCU Redbrick), DIT, University of Limerick (UL Skynet) and UCC. Other institutions were once part of the Intersocs IRC network, including UCD, NUIG, Maynooth, IT Carlow and IT Tallaght, but they disappeared. We are currently working on restoring the network to its former size as well as getting other universities (such as Queens University Belfast) involved.

You can easily get on the network by typing chat on Spoon or Cube. See IRC.

IRC Channels

The main public channel is #intersocs, but there are a number of private channels such as #netsoc which is Trinity Netsoc's private channel.

Most of the other colleges have their own private channels too. For example, Redbrick has #lobby and Skynet has #skynet. Entering another Netsoc's private channel is not recommended, and will likely lead to a swift ban from that channel.


Users are advised to read the article on IRC Abbreviations to learn about some of the the abbreviations used.

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