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  • Internet Relay Chat* is a way to communicate in realtime with people around the world. It supports both channels where several people can talk to each other and private messages between users. It predates things like MSN, ICQ and AIM.

Netsoc runs an IRC server at, which is part of the Intersocs IRC Network. For instructions on using it see Chat.

Netsoc also allows connections to IRC servers outside college on port 6667. "Irssi": is installed on both Spoon and Cube. We also provide ident.

All users of IRC should read about IRC Abbreviations, LeetSpeak (especially if they're trapped in the late 90s or early 00s) and gg.

Netsoc IRC is accessible from any netsoc machine, like Spoon or Cube. Additionally, you can connect from anywhere, using any IRC client, via ZNC.

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