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This is the official Netsoc private channel on the Intersocs IRC Network.

All members of Netsoc are encouraged to use it. Connecting to it has been made very easy; for more information see Chat or IRC.

Op Structure

Ops are the people who administrate a channel.

All named positions of the Netsoc council and administrators are theoretically automatically opped by ChanServ on entry. GOs are half-opped automatically.


There are no hard-and-fast rules for #netsoc. Unnecessary flooding (>4 lines) is annoying, and will possibly get you temporarily kicked. No talking about hosting warez.

Generally, behave in a somewhat mature manner!

Other netsoc channels

  • #netsoc-admin - the admin channel, where the tech aspects of keeping netsoc running are discussed.
  • #netsoc-council - the council channel, where the non-tech aspects of keeping netsoc running are discussed.