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A page was created especially to explain the meaning of the mysterious abbreviations introduced to the Intersocs IRC network by johnl. They originally come from online gaming, with the root expression, _gg_ meaning "good game". It was used at the end of online games to congratulate the other player and/or to thank them for playing. This is probably the most common usage. But the usage that is now prevalent on Intersocs comes from an obscure bulletin board server on an obscure network from the '90s (Hotline). There, the meaning of _gg_ became heavily overloaded.


It now means

  • Cool
  • Nice
  • Good joke
  • I am happy
  • I agree
  • Hello

There are further similar meanings, dictated by context.


bg, literally "bad game", is the opposite of gg. Its connotations are negative and thus some of its meanings are as follows:

  • Not cool
  • I am sad
  • That's not funny
  • I sympathize
  • I am sorry

h2. Stronger versions

vgg, literally "very good game", is a stronger version of gg.

Other possible stronger versions are:

  • vgggg (et cetera, with the number of gs related to the desired strength)
  • ggg (et cetera)
  • vvvgg (et cetera)

Similarly with vbg and its kindred.

Bon jeux

gg was translated to French, yielding the following:

  • bj (Bon jeux)
  • mj (Mauvais jeux)
  • tbj (Très bon jeux)
  • tmj (Très mauvais jeux)