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Welcome to Netsoc! You may be wondering what exactly the fuss is about, and what to do now that you (finally) have your account.

Netsoc servers

Your Netsoc membership gives you access to a variety of servers and workstations, run by and for Netsoc members. The main ones are Spoon and Cube. Since our servers are safely locked away in the bowels of College, to access your account you need to log in remotely. Find out how by reading the article about SSH. All our computers run some kind of Unix-like operating system, with the most common ones being GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Linux Mint) and NetBSD.


We have a game called netris installed on spoon and cube, our main login servers, it's basically a multipayer tetris, and it can get pretty competitive... You can also play text based versions of certain games on IRC such as werewolf/mafia (#wolf), Cards Against Humanity (#cardsagainsthumanity), Uno (#uno), and Countdown (#countdown).

Remote Desktop

You can connect to a remote desktop on Cube and use it as though you were sitting right in front of cube wasting time on reddit all day. Find out how here.

Changing your password

When you activated your account after signing up, you received a password by email. This password should be changed to something you'll remember better. To change your password, after logging in, type passwd at the prompt, and hit return.


The first thing you should do (but first finish reading this section) is log in and run the Chat program. This will connect you to the Netsoc IRC channel, where you can introduce yourself and get to know the other society members. This is the primary way of "getting in touch" other than by emailing or coming by the Netsoc room. How to use IRC to talk to all of us is explained very well in Chat. You should probably run chat inside tmux. For a better explanation of this, see the video at the bottom of the page.

To talk to Netsoc when logged into a desktop environment, just double-click the IRC launcher on your Cube desktop.

Your stuff

You have a home directory, located at /home/your_username on each of these machines. Here you can put all of your files. Since our machines are accessible from outside and inside college, and have the benefit of the speed of the college network, this is a great place to keep assignments and other things you need to get at quickly. Just be sure to keep a backup!


When you sign up for Netsoc you get an email address of the form See email for more info.

The Web

You can host your website with netsoc! See Webspace for more info.

Video help

Here is a video showing how to set up your account, log into our servers, and some basics for setting yourself up with using Linux: