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While our many services are partitioned into several containers with their own IP addresses, College only allocates us couple of IP addresses with permissive firewall rules, currently and

The following tables summarizes the external Internet access allowed to some hosts by the College firewall:

IP address Host Inbound Outbound services.cubeirc None None admin None None cubemail 80, 443, 143, 110, 993, 587, 995 80, 443, 143, 110, 993, 587, 995 cubestorage None None cubewww None None userweb 80, 443 80, 443 cubeirc 6667, 143 6667, 143 cube 22, 80, 443, 25, 113, 993, 6667, 53, 33434 Unfiltered cuberoot None None ldap None None

Note that these are simply the ports which we can open on our own firewall without College intervention. This table does not reflect our own firewall configuration, and therefore does not indicate which ports are actually open at any particular time (for example, College doesn't filter outbound Internet access on, but we do).