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Quite possibly the BEST music genre in existence. However, to call it just a music genre would be unfair to it. It is, in fact, a religion and a way of life


Dubstep was founded in 1876, by Fredrick Hunter, who, after being struck by a falling wheel of cheese, had a vision of "sounds most deep and powerful. Sounds that made me feel as though my spirit was being lifted from my body". From there, he built the first "House of Wubs" in California, to praise the God of Dubstep, known to many as "Skrillex". Fredrick, as the first "Grand Mixer of Wubs", changed his name to "Fredrix", something every Grand Mixer has done since.

In its early days, the church was small, with roughly 1000 followers, or "Wubbers". However, by the beginning of the 1900s, numbers had risen to just over one million Wubbers, with many Houses of Wubs located around the world. At this time, Fredrix had passed away, and the current Grand Mixer was known only as "Stevex", considered by many to be one of the most influential Grand Mixers of all time, due to introducing many practices still preformed today, such as the shaving of hair at one side of one's head, while maintaining long hair everywhere else.

The Church Today

Since Stevex's time, not much has changed in the church, bar its expansion worldwide. Currently, the number of Wubbers is estimated to be between 1.8 and 2 billion, making it the second biggest religion worldwide.

The current Grand Mixer is known as "Willix", considered to be on-par with Stevex as the greatest Grand Mixer to have lived. Willix runs the church from his local House of Wubs, located in Dublin, IRE, but makes regular trips to other Houses around the world, leading the House he is visiting in prayer, also known as "Wubbing". It was Willix that introduced the use of computers and electronic devices to produce dubstep, instead of via voice and drums, as it was done previously. This was one of the major reasons for the expansion of the church, as now dubstep could be produced to a higher quality, and in greater quantity, meaning many more were able to hear it's sacred bass.

Dubstep as a form of Music


There is only bad dubstep.

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