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   ______   __   __   _______   ______
  / ____/\ / /\ / /\ /  ==  /\ /  ___/\ 
 / /____\// /_// / //  __ <_\//  __/_\/ 
/_____/\ /______/ //______/\ /______/\  
\_____\/ \______\/ \______\/ \______\/



  • Dell Poweredge R410
  • Dual quad-core 2.27GHz Xeon processors with 8MB L2 Cache
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 4x500GB hard disks
  • Dual gigabit ethernet


Cube is Netsoc's most powerful server, a shiny Dell R410 purchased in 2009 with a grant from the CSC. It is a monster of a machine, with a scary number of cores and a stupidly large amount of RAM. It is 1U, and lives near Spoon in the department of mathematics.


  • Primary login server

Originally, cube took over from Matrix as our main services server. It was our webserver, our database server, our IRC server, and our LDAP server. It also handled our mailing lists, and queued mail for users in case Spoon went down. In 2014, with the completion of the migration of our services to a dedicated server, Snark, Cube is now just one big giant box that everyone can log into and play with.


When cube was being purchased, a number of terrible puns on Spoon such as 'fork' and 'knife' and 'bowl' were suggested, and promptly shot down. One day, unit_01 used his love of sci-fi and suggested 'Cube'. It stuck.

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