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All general correspondence should be sent to: secretary at

Executive Committee

Auditor: Owen Shepherd <owenowen>
Secretary: Alexion Ramos <ratex>
Treasurer: Dylan Lewis <dylew3>


Public Relations: Sulla Montes <montess>
Amenities: Antonia Baumann <tonia>
Events: Leon Sinclair <lsinclai>
Inter-Societies Liaison: Hieu Nguyen <hieu>
Webmaster: Sharon Olorunniwo <>
Ordinary Committee Members: Zinah Al-Baghdadi <zinah>, Arne Philipeit <arne>

Systems Administrators (non-voting members): Scarlett Gourley <scarlehh>, Alexion Ramos <ratex>, Hieu Nguyen <hieu>, Jorik Schellekens <jorik>, Swapnil Raj <lordraj>, Dylan Lewis <dylew3>

Get Involved

Do you want to get involved in the day-to-day running of netsoc? Do you know of any cool places to have a party? Any up-and-coming bands we could get to play at the party? Any workshops you think we should run? Any speakers you think we should have?

If you want to get involved in the society, all you have to do is wander along to our term-time weekly committee meetings, or email