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ChanServ is used to register channels in IRC (irssi) or Chat. If you want to set up a channel it is important to register it with ChanServ to keep control over who has privileges in that channel. You can control who has ops and who has the ownership of the channel, both of which are important in order to have a successful channel.


To create a channel, use the /join command.

To register a channel (in which you have ops) with ChanServ you must use the following command in the irssi window:

  • /msg ChanServ REGISTER <channel> <yourpassword>

This will link it with your nickname (which must be registered with NickServ).

There are a number of other commands that you can use with ChanServ.

To op yourself in a channel that you have privileges in use this command:

  • /msg ChanServ op #channel

Help Commands

These are the general help commands that you will need to know, the former will list all of the other commands available to you and the latter will give you a more detailed help on a specific command.

  • /msg ChanServ help
  • /msg ChanServ help <NameOfCommand>

These two commands will provide you with access to all of the important features of ChanServ and are pretty simple.

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