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bind is a dns daemon.

If you're not a netsoc admin, this page is pretty irrelevant to you.

Currently bind runs on cube, yes, the login vm ;_;

To make an edit, open up /etc/bind/db.whatever, make your edit (look at other entries for syntax), then increase the serial number at the top. This will be clearly indicated by a comment (if it's not, have a look at, it defo is there).

This step is very important, as it ensures your changes actually get applied. Technically the number just has to be larger, so other servers know it's a newer version, but the convention is to do the date in the format yyyymmdd, followed by the number of the update for that day, so if it's the first edit that day, 1, second, 2, etc. Just don't update it more than 9 times in a day.