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Visionary RAID Encryption

The idea, originally conceived in the mind of a cheap RAID card, was successfully implemented by the DUCSS System Administrator, k3ypad, in 2012. The concept was simple, involving minimal mathematics, even a Windows admin could implement it. By storing everything in plaintext in /home and allowing the RAID card to fail, admins are able to secure their data in a place no hacker can get to. Should the need arise to read the data, simply restart the server 2-3 times until /home mounts, allowing a short secure window, of five minutes to one day, for admins to retrieve the data.


1. All sensitive data MUST be stored in plaintext (preferably using the text editor nano), in /home, on one of two 200GB hard drives.

2. Pour Chocolate milk onto the RAID card and allow to sour for at least two weeks.

3. Verify security by seeing if you can read anything in /home. If you can't it worked.

4. Remove all backups of previous sensitive data.


- Cheap
- Reliable
- Secure
- Stable and in long term release
- Open Source (GPL)


While not confirmed, there have been rumors of some users not being able to access their home directories. A SMALL PRICE TO PAY IF YOU ASK ME...