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While we only allow direct connections to our IRC server from certain hosts inside College, you can use a system called ZNC to get access from anywhere. ZNC is an IRC bouncer, and it sits between our IRC server and the Internet.

If you'd like to use it, just connect to the bouncer like any other IRC server, using the following settings and your Netsoc username and password

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 6697
  • SSL: yes
  • Username: Whatever username you chose
  • Password: Whatever password you chose

(The SSL isn't valid at the moment, so you'll need to accept invalid certs for now.)

When you first connect, ZNC will automatically set up your user, connect you to our IRC network and join our main channel, #netsoc.

Now, you can securely join IRC from anywhere in the world, including at home from whatever IRC client you like.

Anything you post on one client will go through the bouncer and get sent to all your other clients. You can disconnect from your client whenever you want, and the bouncer will stay connected so that you don't quit/join all the time and will be able to see messages that were sent while you weren't online. You can even connect from several clients at the same time, and they'll all receive your messages at the same time.

Instructions for a handful of specific clients are below.

Client-Specific Help

If you're having trouble using the info above to connect, here are detailed instructions for a few specific clients.


Simply run the following command in a new or existing irssi session:

/connect -SSL 6697 username:password

So that you don't have to put in your username and password every time, you might add something like the following to ~/irssi/.config:

   address = "";
   chatnet = "intersocs"; 
   port = "6697";
   autoconnect = "true";
   use_ssl = "yes";
   password = "username:password";

Alternatively, use /save to save your current config and let irssi worry about layout.





Add a new network, named whatever you like.

Add as a server. Tick the boxes to use SSL, accept invalid SSL, and leave any already ticked boxes ticked.

For login method, set it to Server Password and set the password to your username, followed by a colon, followed by your password, like so '<username>:<password>'.

Still Can't Connect?

There are detailed instructions on the official ZNC wiki for a few different clients. If you still need help, email

Using ZNC

/msg *status help gives you a list of all the different settings you can play with for your account.

You can also configure your ZNC via the webadmin module, which might be easier to use.

If you're having trouble with ZNC, you can consult the ZNC wiki, or contact