Accessing IRC from outside College

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While we only allow direct connections to our IRC server from certain hosts inside College, you can use a system called ZNC to get access from anywhere. ZNC is an IRC bouncer, and it sits between our IRC server and the Internet.

If you'd like to use it, just send an email to asking for an account on the bouncer. An admin will send you your username and password for the bouncer (this is different from your regular Netsoc password).

Then, connect to the bouncer like any other IRC server, using the following settings and the username and password you just got:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 6697
  • SSL: yes

If you use irssi on Spoon or Cube, you can connect via the bouncer like so:

/connect -SSL 6997 password username

Then, tell the bouncer to connect you to the IRC server (you should only have to do this once):

   /msg *status addserver 6667
   /msg *status saveconfig
   /msg *status connect

So that you don't have to put in your username and password every time, you might add something like the following to ~/irssi/.config:

   address = "";
   chatnet = "intersocs"; 
   port = "6697";
   autoconnect = "true";
   use_ssl = "yes";
   password = "username:password";

Now, you can securely join IRC from anywhere in the world, including at home from whatever IRC client you like:


or even on your phone:


Anything you post on one client will go through the bouncer and get sent to all your other clients. You can disconnect from your client whenever you want, and the bouncer will stay connected so that you don't quit/join all the time. You can even connect from several clients at the same time, and they'll all receive your messages at the same time.


/msg *status help gives you a list of all the different settings you can play with for your account